Wendigo Wednesday #4!


Hello everyone and happy Wendigo Wednesday to you all! Our favourite day of the week has once again come around and we can't wait to get all hairy and scary with you guys and share some of the Wendigo goodness!

Every week you folks continue to blow us away with your amazing Wendigo creations. We definitely have the most talented fans in the world EVAR! So a huge thank you again to all you Wendigocrafters out there, be it in paper or digital form, we love you! Keep on Wendigoing :)

Well, with that said let's get to the good stuff shall we?

Firstly we're absolutely loving the adventures of @Renaultmilton's Wendigo on Twitter! He certainly is a busy fellow, eating cookies and ice cream and generally causing havoc ;) Thanks so much for snapping a photo of your beastly creature, your shots are brilliant!


@Renaultmilton on Twitter


@CraftMasterMC on Twitter

Next up we have this incredibly cute and hilarious comic strip from the super talented @CraftMasterMC on Twitter! The expressions on this little squirrel are just brilliant and we love the father and son bonding going on here! The baby Wendigo doesn't seem to be phased by much! :) Thanks so much for your drawing, we love it! :)

Check out these 'mustachioed menaces' as @BreezyThePro on Twitter likes to call them! We think they look rather spiffing with these additional facial adornments, thanks for sharing this awesome snap! <3


@BreezyThePro on Twitter

And last (but by very no means least) we have more incredible papercrafting from the uber talented @Dumptyyy on Twitter! We love how the Wendigo is popping out of the sun, leaping forth from the papery world and into ours. Looks like they encountered some fun friends on their adventure, we spy a PaRappa the Rapper there! Thanks again Dumptyyy, we always love to see what you create!


@Dumptyyy on Twitter

Ooh what an exciting week it's been! We're feeling all Wendigo'ed out now! I think it's time for a lie down!

Thank you so much to all of you who've been tweeting and sharing your super shots and craftings this week, we'll see you all next week for another awesome dose of #WendigoWednesday!


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