Wendigo Wednesday #6!

Wow folks! What a week it's been for #WendigoWednesday!

We've seen some amazing drawings, photographs and papercraft creations. We definitely have the most creative community on the planet without a doubt!

So, without further ado, let's jump straight in and share our favourites for this week.

First up is this seriously rad drawing from Anthony Cristiano on Twitter. What an awesome (and slightly miffed looking!) Wendigo. We love how you've taken the Wendigo and given it your own style, it's super cool. This one is going up on the fan art wall for sure! :)

@halfup -WendigoWednesday-6

@halfup_ on Twitter

Next up is our lovely friend Sanna on Twitter, sharing her kids' awesome and very inventive use of a Wendigo mask as a lamp shade! Who knew Wendigos were so versatile?


@leklack on Twitter

@CraftMasterMC is at it again this week with more fantastic Wendigo creations! Two games worlds merge in this LBP/Tearaway masterpiece!


@CraftMasterMC on Twitter

Our papercrafting hero @Dumptyyy is back this week with more adorable papery friends! Looks like this Baby Wendigo has finally found it's mama Wendigo! *aaahhww* :)


@Dumptyyy on Twitter

Quick! Check your fridges folks! It looks like we have a wild Wendigo on the loose raiding people's food! Or Maybe it's just Milton Alm's fridge! Great photo Milton! Watch this cheeky chappy doesn't eat all your yummy food!


@Renaultmilton on Twitter

And that's it for this week! Thank you so much to everyone who shared their wondrous Wendigos with us, and massive high fives to everyone who tweeted us using our hashtag #WendigoWednesday! Twitter has been buzzing today with Wendigos, it's been fab!

Until next week folks, keep your eyes peeled for those hairy and scary beasts!


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