Wendigo Wednesday #8!

Hey friends, happy 'hump day' to you all!

Who's been out and about seeking Wendigos this week then? We've been on the lookout for those fearsome beasts and it looks like we've spied some more, check out our favourites for this week below!

Our first pick of the week comes from @HelloGoba on Twitter who has drawn us this super rad sketch of a ghost, sketching a wendigo, which cleverly looks like a set of stairs! It's amazing, it's like Wendigo inception. O__o Thanks for the awesome drawing! :)


@HelloGoba on Twitter

Our next favourite pick of the week comes from our friend @Renaultmilton on Twitter who has made this rather alarming Wendigo caution sign! I don't think you'd want to enter any room with this sign on it for sure! Thanks for another fantastic picture!


@Renaultmilton on Twitter

Look at this selfie taking Wendigo found on by D0D053100. Not sure quite how they managed this shot but we love it! It really looks like this Wendigo is stretching his arm out and striking his best pose!


D0D053100 on

Lastly, we wanted to share a quick snap of our #WendigoWednesday wall! We've had so many amazing Wendigo creations sent to us over the past few weeks that we can't fit them all up on one wall, heck, we can't even get them all in the photo! Big thanks to everyone for sending us such colourful creations each week, they make our studio a brighter and more Wendigo filled place! :)


Our #WendigoWednesday Wall!

Catch you next week folks for more #WendigoWednesday! Don't forget to share your Wendigos with us on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr using the hashtag #WendigoWednesday!


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