Wendigo Wednesday #1!

It's time to roundup our favourite Wendigo wonders from the past week, and what a first week it's been! As always, you guys have blown us away with your amazing creations and photos, who knew Wendigos could be so photogenic? :)

Let's start off with our faves from the Twitterverse! We had some great chatter around the #WendigoWednesdays hashtag this week, big thanks to for encouraging others to get it trending! You rule :)

Here's our very first post from @Dumptyyy, this Wendigo looks pretty ferocious! Thanks for the awesome sketch!


@Dumptyyy on Twitter

@LBPlombax7 sent us this great shot of their messenger bravely standing in front of a Wendigo. It's behind you!


@LBPlombax7 on Twitter


@CraftMasterMC on Twitter

This baby Wendigo looks like he's thinking about those tasty pearls in Sogport. Anyone got a spare pearl for him? :) Thank you for the lovely colourful sketch @CraftMasterMC, it's great to see different mediums being used, we're guessing you made this using a tablet or computer gizmo? :) Great stuff!

We also love these glow in the dark Wendigos below from @yahslover!


@yahslover on Twitter

Here's a couple of our favourite shots found on this week.

Maxhunter94 snapped this great shot of some Wendigo masks. We love the slightly spooky and vintage feel of this shot. Where did these masks come from and what stories do they hold?


Maxhunter94 on

The colours and framing in this photo by ronnie89000 are fantastic! It's a really vibrant but menacing shot.


ronnie89000 on

This is a great use of the Colour Negative Filter by manucaro1971. This Wendigo looks even more fearsome than usual!


manucaro1971 on

I think we'll leave it there for this week! Huge Wendigo-sized thanks to everyone who tweeted us, shared photos with us and sketched for us! We've loved seeing our Wendigo collection grow throughout the week, and now we get to do it all over again!

Share your Wendigo snaps with us on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr using the hashtag #WendigoWednesday and don't forget to head on over to for lots more inspiration from the community!


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