We’re going to be at PAX - come see us at the PlayStation WWS Community Exchange!

Are you going to PAX? We have some cool news! We’re teaming up with our friends at Guerilla, Naughty Dog, Sony Santa Monica, and Sony Xdev to bring you the PlayStation WWS Community Exchange, and we’ve got a big pile of fun waiting for you there.

You’ll be able to come and chat to community leads and take part in daily contests, raffles, give-aways, AMAs, gaming, and all sorts of other things too! Perhaps more excitingly, we have a huge pile of highly collectible PlayStation memorabilia for you to take home, some free, some for prizes, and some for sale in our mini merch store. This merch is rare, coveted, largely exclusive to PAX East 2014, and is guaranteed to sell out.

Tearaway loots

We’ve put together a host of Tearaway items that you can get for FREE via give-aways, trade or with purchases at our store.

  • Yes! That’s an official PAX iota Pinny! Come and find one of the WWS community managers to trade or just bargain for one of these. With only 1000 in circulation, they’re going to be pretty rare!
  • We’ll be giving these Tearaway posters away throughout the weekend, come and see us to find out when.
  • These iota and atoi phone charms will be FREE with every purchase at the booth, while stocks last, and limited in number each day, so come early to avoid disappointment!

PlayStation Family (#PSPax)

To commemorate our first ever community-driven booth we’ve made a PlayStation Family Limited Edition PAX East 2014 T-shirt. These beauties are limited to 500 shirts total and will be sold for $20 so be sure to get one while you can.

See below for a preview of the other merch we’ll have available to win or buy at the show.
Be sure to check out the full post about our joint PAX activities over on the PlayStation blog for more information! See you next week, and remember to tweet us using #PSPax, ciao.


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