Win a Crown in the LBW Monthly Level Contest

Every Month, some of the folk over on the LittleBigWorkshop forums hold a themed level create contest, and the winner is bestowed with the ultimate desirable, the one and only Rare PrizeCrown.

There are still two weeks left to enter February’s contest, the theme of which takes its cues from February’s most famous friend; Valentine’s Day, and require entrants to build a two player co-op level. You know, for loved ones to play together.


If you think two weeks isn’t enough time to build something you’d be comfortable unleashing into the wilds, fear not! The contest will start all over again on March the 1st with a new theme, and again every month after that.

We love co-op levels… well I do anyway, so I’ll be sure to check out the best of these entrants!
Good luck folk, hope you all had a nice Valentine’s Weekend. xxx


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