Would you like some cake? Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes please!

Jim Unwin is our resident king of awesome haircuts, user interface master,  cliff climber, and a member of our team of incredible artists. Using his powers of design, he created this colourful Threadless shirt entitled Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, an immensely positive message to say the least.


It’s been on the internetwebs for what feels like five minutes, but in the grand tradition of internet culture, it has already been made into a cake!


Wait a second, make that two cakes!


That’s enough to make it a meme – any bakers out there want to try their hand at a Jim Unwin Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes cake? I know I will be giving it a go soon. If you want to get your hands on the shirt that spawned two a thousand cakes, you can do so over on Threadless.


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