Your Papercraft Sackboys

Wow, thanks very much for all the submissions, there were some great entries. And without further ado, here they are:

Bishop's Luchador

by Chris Bishop. You can even download the Luchador PDF here.


by the subtly named Holyc__p...

nathan bodenham

by Nathan Bodenham

by Sean Monaghan

Seán Monaghan's giant sackboy eats the city, thousands flee before his terrible might. More news at ten.

by Samantha 

Samantha's tasty looking swiss cheese paper sack boy...

by Dylan 

Dylan sends word from our future where cybernetic sackpeople rule the earth.


Nessen made these characters you may recognise, you can download the pdfs here: 1 & 2


Apparently Joel couldn't find an orange...


And finally, sack people in love by Allen Wan. Awww.

If you've sent something in and it isn't on this page then sorry! Please resend it and I will add them to the gallery.

If you haven't made one yet then you still can, and you can still send in your photos. Have a gander at the original post to find out how. Of course we will post our favourite submissions on the blog.

Note: By sending photos you're granting us, Media Molecule, permission to post them on the blog. Cheers!


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