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Release date: Feb 2020

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At Media Molecule, we believe that making video games should be for everyone, and have the same accessibility and pleasure as playing with a camera, a guitar, or a pencil – something you can start to learn just by picking it up. Dreams allows players to create anything from games to gadgets, music to movies, puzzles to paintings and everything in-between and beyond - all from their own sofa, with just a PS4. And Dreams isn't just a space to get creative - it's a platform where you can share and collaborate with others or just play and explore the creations of people around the world.

Dreams Early Access ran from April 2019 until December 2019, and helped us shape the features and content in the full game, thanks to the feedback from our creative community.





Dreams has received over 4 awards, including:

  • Game Critic Awards: Best Original Game (),
  • Digital Trends: Best New Feature Mechanic (),
  • Gamescom 2019: Best of Gamescom, Best PS4 Game, Most Original Game (),
  • Game Two: Erster Award, Artsy-Fartsy Award (Innovation and Originality) ()

Further information

Community portal - The community and social portal for all the creations in Dreams that have been shared on to the web.
Official site
Copyright infringement reporting - If there's a piece of content that's been created in Dreams which is believed to be infringing a copyright holder's work, then this is the link you're after.

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