Dreamview Weekly Roundup #3

Fun Friday fact for all you readers: the word Friday has its etymological roots in Old English, and is roughly translated as ‘day upon which the Dreamview Weekly Roundup is handed down unto the CoMmunity’. Astounding foresight from the Anglo-Saxons, who would go on to predict in their written works many of the major events in videogame history - including the release of Pong, the advent of 3D graphics, and that one time Soulja Boy played Braid.

Alright, we’re pulling your leg. Sorry. By way of an apology, may we offer you our thoughts on, and recommendations for, five excellent creations made in Dreams? Fantastic! We’re off to think about what we've done.



by Wargarble

Katy Perry once asked whether we ever felt like a plastic bag. We can’t say we have - but what we are familiar with is feeling like a slightly deflated, wrinkly balloon, valiantly soaring on through blue skies despite life’s hardships. Ah, you too? Then you may enjoy this recent art piece from Wargarble, who’s well-known in the Dreamiverse for a distinct style that expertly blends creepy, cute and funny elements.

Pudais Wileyis Zukais Cool Vensual 1


by WileyisCOOL and Pudazuka

Two regulars of the irrepressibly musical Monday Night Crew, WileyisCOOL and Pudazuka, join forces to bring us what is surely the most wholesome banger in the Dreamiverse. The duo announce upfront that they are “here to tell the truth”, and for the remaining two minutes and 48 seconds of the track, they proceed to do just that (accompanied here by some glorious visuals from Drag Flower 2 The Exit developer venwave). Chiptune beats, builds and breakdowns give Anamanaguchi a run for their money - alongside an obscenely catchy four-note melodic riff - as the two collaborators speak with heartfelt genuineness about how friendship, and music, can pull us out of the darkest times. Uplifting stuff.


PIC-GONE - Nonogram Puzzle Collection

by Angelotje

Nonogram puzzles aren’t a new concept - shoutouts to Non Ishida, the Japanese graphics editor who invented the concept back in the ‘80s - but Angelotje presents their take on the popular puzzle game genre with a refreshing minimalism, sense of style and attention-to-detail that makes this well worth playing. Not only is it polished (check out that juicy square-fill animation, yum) but it’s accessible, with a detailed but clear tutorial for newcomers and a well-balanced difficulty curve that guides you gently through 70-plus puzzles.



by ghostfruit64

This masterfully-realised tale of exile in a frigid land is brief, but packed with meaning. Ghostfruit64 places points of light among the bleakness of the snowstorm you’re moving through: lit torches showing the path forward; sunbeams breaking through the roof of a cavern; a tiny figure holding the hand of their robed guardian. All the way through, a single word tells the entire story - and, eventually, breaks your heart.

Mini Capsule Worlds Welcome Garden

MiniCapsule Worlds

by Beed28

Diorama bias? Us? Never. Okay, maybe. But this week we couldn’t not include this creative concept from Beed28, who’s made a remixable template of a gachapon capsule inside which you can craft your own tiny world - complete with removable lid, a blank playable character to customise, and integrated motion controls so you can cause terrifying earthquakes by shaking it. It’s presented so considerately, too: Beld28 includes their example in this collection, built entirely with the Welcome Garden assets (made by us at Mm!) to show how simple it is to put something together in Dreams. An ideal jumping-on point for all you potential new creators. One of us, one of us...

Want an easy way to view all of these creations in one convenient collection? Check out the playable edition of this week's Dreamview Weekly Roundup right here in Dreams!


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