National Baking Week: Tess’s Rocky Road Experiments

Stop what you’re doing and listen up: It’s National Baking Week! A whole week to celebrate baking and the bakers behind the baked goods.

Our own talented in-house Baking specialist Tess, who regularly plies us with treats, has stepped up to the plate to provide us with baked yummies all week long, and we’ll be sharing the recipes with you at home.

It might only be a UK festival of baking we see no reason why other nations shouldn’t join in, so come on people, let’s get baking!

Today’s treats were described as a Rocky Road experiment: Belgian chocolate with Dutch spiced biscuits, marshmallows and Mars bars combine into sugary overload. Nom!



  • 300g quality dark chocolate
  • 100g Butter, cubed
  • 3 Tbsp Golden Syrup
  • 140g Dutch Spiced Biscuits, roughly crushed (the recipe said Rich tea but I used the spiced ones instead to add depth, perfect for the autumn weather :)
  • 12 Pink Marshmallows, quartered using scissors (I had mini marshmallows and threw a large handful of those in)
  • 4 x Mini Mars Bars, cubed (recipe is for 2 x 55g bars of Turkish delight, or you can use Crunchie, Milky Way, Maltesers or anything you like!)

How to make them!

  1. Gently melt the butter, chocolate and syrup in a pan over a low heat, stirring frequently until smooth, then cool for about 10 mins. (I did this in the microwave, stopping it to check every 45 seconds or so until it was a lovely dark brown gloop)
  2. Stir the biscuits and sweets into the pan until well mixed
  3. Pour mixture into a 17cm square tin lined with foil and spread the mixture to roughly level it.
  4. Chill until hard, then cut into fingers.

Oh ok, so it’s not exactly actually baking, more like reverse baking. Freeze Baking. Whatever!
Tomorrow Tess has promised us some kind of coconut based cupcakes, so tune in for another recipe then. Now go forth and (Freeze) Bake!


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