New website ahoy!

With a company birthday at hand, it was a perfect time to give our website a little makeover, and put it back together after some rather annoying spamhaxors destroyed it recently.

We’ve filled it up with some new bits and bobs that we hope you enjoy, the most poignant one today being the history section, which at the moment contains the first part of the Mm story, as told by mister Alex Evans.

Once up on a time, Dave, Alex and Mark all worked together at Lionhead studios. They had worked here together on many projects over the years, and now made up the R&D dept, building conceptual things such as ‘The Room’, stealing bits of Francis and Kareem’s time, and also working on their indie title Rag Doll Kung Fu in the evenings.

The Movies, Fable, B&W2 were in crunch at the time, and they were all under threat of being dragged off ‘The Room’, and being placed in the other various teams to help them ship on time. Having acquired a taste for making things their own way, they began considering their options. Alex especially, according to him, was looking to leave.

Oooh hot scoops… Check out the rest!

We’ve also got a new section called The Lab. This will run alongside this blog here as another place for us to write about the things that influence us, or things we’ve made, tech ramblings, stories, all sorts of things!

We’ve revamped MmPicks into this handy section, wich has it’s own RSS and Twitter Feed, so you can stay up to date with our favourite levels!

The rest of the site is a mixture between functional pages for helping us hire people or getting in touch with us, and other more random things. Have a lil’ browse and see what else you can find, and as always, if you hind any ERRORZ please let us know!

Oh one more thing, we sadly had to shed all the comments on old news posts, but as a plus point, we now have an awesome commenting system that lets you sign in with all manner of social networking logins, enabling cross posting and ultimate commenting fun!

Enjoy your stay!


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