Talking Again

talking again

Sorry for the radio silence. Consider that era over !!

Things have been a bit of a rollercoaster since launch but we are ready to now start talking about what’s going on in Mm towers. We won’t always be able to give full details immediatley, but the idea is for us talk more on here about what’s going on in here!!  We will also start to really give Media Molecule Mondays more attention too!

Firstly, I just wanted to let everyone know that Media Molecule are dedicated to working on LittleBigPlanet and bringing you lots of new content and improvements over the coming year. The blu-ray was just the beginning for us and we have a very exciting and experimental year ahead!

So, what’s coming up?

Online – Mm and the Sony server/online support teams are working on a load of improvements for your main concerns : Searching, Moderation & Online play. Not all of these improvements will come at once, but rest assured that you are being listened to and we will update here what the fixes are & when they are coming out when these are all set & ready to be announced.

LittleBigProjects – We are working on something unannounced but very cool! Argh, it’s killing me not to mention it right now but we will update soon hopefully with some pictures!!

Clean up work – aside from stuff for you, we need to fix things for our team too. Finishing a game always leaves some areas needing attention and we need to spend some time mending the ship before people bash their heads against their desks one time too many !!

I am not going to be able to announce anymore information about the packs today but I can tell you that we are working hard to get these finished up, through QA and into your hands! :)

Thank you for your patience!

Lots of love

PS. If this doesn’t answer all of your questions keep checking back in regulary. We also have a FAQ page that you can take a look at.


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