You won't BELIEVE the top ten things Media Molecule were caught doing to their website

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You just won't BELIEVE

Read this with care, because the Mm web and community team were caught in the act, and what these web pranksters have been up to is frankly SHOCKING! These guys...

  1. STRIPPED the website of ALL it's PRECIOUS code
  2. Sat down and had a NICE cup of really HOT tea.
  3. Scribbled SORDID ideas on PERFECTLY GOOD A4 paper
  4. Had the AUDACITY to make a new SITE MAP
  5. Used PhotoShop to spark OUTRAGE with INITIAL CONCEPT DESIGNS
  6. Ignored ALL COMMON SENSE  by building an ENTIRELY NEW site FROM SCRATCH
  7. LAID BARE the history of Media Molecule in an interactive timeline
  8. Revealed JUICY details of EACH AND EVERY ONE of the Media Molecule team
  9. WASTED everyone's time by making a STUPID PAGE about CATS
  10. To top it all of, MARTIN made us all ANOTHER cup of TEA... with a BISCUIT!

Shocktastic. But what does it all mean?

Well, In the good ol' days of 2010, we relaunched our blog and now it's time to do it all again – four years later. In that time, we've moved offices, finished and released LittleBigPlanet 2, the LBP2 Move Pack, made Tearaway and been beavering away on our super secret next project. Busy times!

Launch Doge

Doge has his own opinions

But we've got exciting times ahead too, and we can't be seen with a dusty old website - so the web team have been working hard on this here new site. 

Be sure to check out our brand new history section, detailing our journey through the development of our games; our new section on jobs and information on exactly what it's like to work at Media Molecule

We've got a fan club page we'll be keeping up to date with little goodies, we've redone our tags to make content discovery more fun (look over there on the right), and of course there's lots of silly easter eggs throughout the site.

We're set for another four years, but maybe it won't be that long...


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