Farewell for now my friends!


What a n00b.

Many my-moons ago, when Mm Towers was still located above a bathroom shop and held together with sellotape and bits of string, I met with Siobhan and Alex in a charmingly shabby wood-panelled room to show them all the work Tom and I had put into our fan site LittleBigPlanetoid, and discuss the possibility of them giving us a job. In the months prior I'd fallen in love with LittleBigPlanet, and indeed with Media Molecule, and I thought I might fit right in. Luckily for me the guys here thought so too…

In the six years since I've lived and breathed Molecule every day, travelled the globe, and generally been part of a grand adventure with both the creative and magical people I worked with, and the wonderful community of people who play our games - that's you guys!

We've had a right old time eh, you and I? We've watched and indeed been a part of Mm flourishing; going from that tumble-down studio, to becoming many award winning members of the PlayStation family. We've hung out at events, played games and talked nonsense together on the internet, and become fast friends.

fanmeet group

A LittleBigPlanet fan meet at Eurogamer Expo back in 2011, for the Move Pack

Sadly though my friends, it's time for me to leave these fair pink carpets behind, to follow my dreams and go on a new adventure - so whilst it pains me to say it, this is my farewell post to you as Community Manager here at Mm!

I'm not really going far though, well not in internet terms anyway, you'll still find me talking nonsense on twitter. I'm still going to be working in the industry somewhere else, having fun at all the events we've had fun at together in the past, which means we can easily stay chums. I just won't be wearing my Molecule hat any longer.

That hat passes on to some amazingly talented people here, Jenny who's been talking to you all for quite some time now, and Gem who works mostly behind the scenes to make sure we actually get things done. Please make them and anyone else who comes to join in down the line feel as welcome as you make me feel, and don't yell at them too much when things are going wrong. ;)

This year will be a big one for Mm fans (I'm one of you now too!). Tearaway Unfolded is coming to PS4 and it looks gorgeous! You're also going to find out all about the project we've been working on since we finished LBP2, and I think you're going to like it.

Writing this has made me rather tearful, so rather than end this on a sad note, I thought I'd dig out some of my favourite pieces of nonsense from the Media Molecule blog over the years, get the nostalgia flowing up in here!

Before that though, I wanted to say what an absolute honour it's been to hang out with you all, don't be strangers - I love you guys! xxxx

OK, now let's see what stupid things I've responsible for... ah yes!

And finally, I'll go out with a song - Farewell my friends :)



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