We need a few more molecules!

We’re looking for three new Molecules to join us here at Mm towers, and we think you might have what it takes to come and work with us. You should probably just apply right now! We need you if you are an amazing one of the following:

Graphics Programmer

We’re looking for someone exceptional, in the human form of an experienced graphics programmer, to paint magic and wonder into our new world. Shaping all parts of the art pipeline, from making artists happy with solid tools, right through to exciting millions of gamers with the final beautiful results on the screen…

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Experienced Programmer

We are looking for someone who has both experience and talent at programming in many areas of game development and at all levels. Everything from techy stuff through to more user-facing ‘gameplay’ coding. We don’t have a dedicated tech team here at Media Molecule - the whole programming team ARE the tech team…

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Senior Technical Artist

We are looking for a Senior Technical Artist to come and join our art team at Media Molecule. Media Molecule is known for innovation within creative gaming.

The person we are looking for will need to have the have solid technical knowledge required to work with the Art Director and Programmers & figure out how to deliver innovative looks and the necessary pipelines for the art team…

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